Who We Are

The Lucky Lizard is a roleplaying guild on the North American server in Elder Scrolls Online.

The guild’s theme is a tavern that serves as the front for a gang of thieves. Anyone looking for tavern roleplay can come to The Lucky Lizard and get just as much out of it as someone coming and looking for a thieves guild experience. You do not need to be a thief to be in this guild, any and all can help this place grow and evolve alongside their characters.

The roleplay is fairly casual. With the more intense scenarios saved for events. Roleplay happens any time of day depending on the mood of the guild members. If you want to roleplay always feel welcome to ask! Roleplay events are held bi-monthly in the late afternoons. Our scheduling times are all based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). You don’t have to live in this time zone to be in the guild, but you may find it a little hard to be online while others are if you’re from a wildly different time zone.

The guild is structured horizontally. Meaning that no member is given a role more important than another in-character or out. The exception to this being the guild leader, officers, or volunteer event leaders (if you have an idea for an event/scenario that you’re passionate about and host then people kind of have to listen to you while you’re hosting). There are no ranks to climb to become important here.

On the roads between the Alik’r Desert and Bangkorai lies the Lucky Lizard tavern. A place of rest for weary travelers and those seeking good drink among good company.

Guild Rules

  1. Any instances of powerplaying, godmodding, or metagaming during roleplay will not be tolerated.
  2. All public guild rolls can (and should) be done on this website to ensure fairness.
  3. Please take care not to break immersion for other roleplayers. This includes: taking unrealistic actions in-character, sprinting through roleplayers, etc. If someone genuinely asks you to stop doing something that is breaking immersion, please take the request seriously.
  4. Abide by basic Elder Scrolls continuity and lore. Never be afraid to ask questions about lore; we can help you!
  5. Understand that in-character actions will have in-character consequences.
  6. Understand that there is a difference between being in-character and out of character. Keep personal squabbles out of roleplay.
  7. Mature themes may be present in The Lucky Lizard. However, we ask that roleplay of a sexual nature (i.e. ERP)  be conducted in whispers or another private venue.
  8. Be respectful of fellow guildmates and visitors. This includes the guild chat and Discord server. Harassment, insults and discriminatory language are not acceptable. Discord is not to be used to talk behind others’ backs. Basically, just don’t be rude.
  9. In-character purchases such as food, supplies, gear, etc. will never be expected to be paid with actual in-game currency. Roleplay gold only.
  10. Items in the guild bank are free game, but you must contact a guild officer to retrieve it.
  11. The guild reserves the right to remove members after a month of unannounced inactivity.
  12. If a player is not present in a stall, store, or other merchant type environment to fill the role of shopkeeper during roleplaying, it can be assumed that an (invisible) NPC merchant is present.
  1. Physical brawls outside of designated fighting areas are frowned upon and may result in a temporary suspension from the property.
  2. All physical altercations will be done through rolls, unless both parties agree to another form of handling a fight. Details on how fights are handled in this guild can be found here.
  3. Visitors of the Lucky Lizard are not permitted entry into locked rooms (see here) without permission or a key.
  4. Private rooms above the tavern must be paid for prior to use.
  5. Characters attempting to steal from the property will be removed (unless otherwise given permission by a guild leader or acting in accordance with a guild event scenario).
  6. Killing, damaging, or otherwise harming another character is not allowed without all parties involved giving their consent before the act.

How to Contact Us

If you’re interested in joining the guild send a whisper or in-game mail to one of these people:


In-game mail would be the best option to try if whispering isn’t working. There is no interview or form to fill out to join the guild. Just show up at the tavern and roleplay when you want!
Feel free to check out our Discord server (to the right) to get in contact with people without going in-game.